Harvest Thanksgiving at St Bride's

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Future of Menevia: Update 17 Nov 2019

The meeting held with the clergy and Archbishop George Stack last week proved more constructive than the previous meeting.  A vote was taken by the clergy of the diocese who were unanimous in declaring their preference to keep the Diocese of Menevia unchanged and to appoint a new bishop.  Archbishop Stack will now send a report to the Papal Nuncio for England and Wales who will in turn report back to the Congregation of Bishops in Rome. We await their decision on the future of Menevia.

Future of Menevia:  September 2019  The Future of our Diocese

Archbishop George Stack, the Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Menevia recently held a meeting with the Clergy of Menevia to discuss the future of the diocese in light of the Instruction from Rome to the Apostolic Administrator “To carry out all the necessary steps with the clergy and people of God in the Diocese of Menevia, and in close contact with the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and its President, to verify the hypothesis of a union - now in Persona Episcopi - of the said Diocese with the Metropolitan
Archdiocese of Cardiff”.  Further instructed: “To inform the Congregation of Bishops, by the end of this year, through the good offices of the Apostolic Nunciature, the preliminary results of this consultation”.  Bearing in mind the information /analysis / experience outlined above, the options seem to be:

A. The appointment of an Ordinary (Bishop) to the Diocese. In making such a proposal, the consultees would need to present a strategy as to how these issues are to be resolved.

B. The establishment of a joint Diocese of Cardiff and the current Diocese of Menevia, each maintaining its own identity under the authority of the Metropolitan. The consultees would need to analyse the various modes of administration / relationships / organisation of such a model.

C. The absorption of parts of the current Diocese of Menevia with the Archdiocese of Cardiff and parts of the said Diocese with the current Diocese of Wrexham.  In addition to the above, the consultees would need to reflect on the geographical and demographic boundaries of such a division and the implications thereof.

D. Any other permutation, structure or suggestions as to the best way of providing episcopal oversight and pastoral care for the People of God in this part of Wales.

Pet Blessing Service

The Blessing of Pets and Animals Service proved popular at St Teilo's on Sunday 6th October.  Here are some parishioners and their pets!  Click on a picture to expand it.