7th Sunday of Easter

24 May 2020, Year A


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Updated 19 April

This Week's Services

Don't forget to visit our YouTube Channel for live streaming of Holy Mass, weekday Adoration at 10am, and during May, the Rosary starts 20 minutes before each Mass.  Read Pope Francis' letter encouraging recitation of the Rosary, especially during May.

Follow the Novena leading up to Pentecost by watching a daily video on the fruits of the Holy Spirit:

  1. Love by Sr Rebekah Marie Withers

  2. Joy by Fr Michael Akpoghiran

  3. Self Control by Canon John Udris

  4. Goodness by Pablo

  5. Faithfulness by Fr Julian Green

  6. Kindness by Kieran and Rebecca Walesby

  7. Peace by Deacon Paschal Uche

Saturday 23 May

11am Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'Following the Way'

Sunday 24 May, 7th Sunday of Easter

11am Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'Spiritual Warfare'

Monday 25 May, St Bede the Venerable

10am Adoration with Morning Prayer (10:40am)

7pm Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'Wordless Prayer'

Tuesday 26 May, St Philip Neri

10am Adoration with Morning Prayer (10:40am)

7pm Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'The Gift of Laughter'

Wednesday 27 May, St Augustine of Canterbury

10am Adoration with Morning Prayer (10:40am)

7pm Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'The Importance of Goodbye'

Thursday 28 May

10am Adoration with Morning Prayer (10:40am)

7pm Mass

Friday 29 May, St Pope Paul VI

10am Adoration with Morning Prayer (10:40am)

7pm Mass

Saturday 30 May

11am Mass

6pm Adoration and Penitential Service 

Sunday 31 May, Pentecost

11am Mass

8pm Adoration and National Rosary Relay

A happy and holy Easter to you all - Jesus is risen, alleluia, alleluia!

Watch Pope Francis' Easter address and the 'Urbi et Orbi' blessing.




Holy Father's prayer intention for


Watch his May video appeal


13th April 2020:

Dear friends

Happy Easter to each one of you! Jesus is risen, the true source of our joy. In him we become truly free and fully ourselves. Happy feasting in this holy season!

We continue to keep Fr Mansel in our prayers.  I'll continue to be here in Tenby while he's away, so be sure that your beautiful church is still being prayed in, the Mass is being offered with your intentions in mind, and the Lord is not being left alone in the tabernacle!  I will try to celebrate Mass in Saundersfoot at some point in order to renew the Lord's Presence there too.  If you happen to be passing one of the two churches on your daily walk, although it may not be possible to be inside and near the tabernacle, you can simply imagine that the whole building has become the tabernacle, and perhaps say that prayer from Benediction: 'O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment thine', or simply speak in your heart the name of Jesus.  May this time increase our hunger to be close to Him and to each other once again.

I am also LOVING your beaches and this beautiful parish!  Aren't we so blessed to live somewhere like this at a time of isolation, even if just from our windows?!  Thank you so much too for the warmth and kindness you've shown me over the last couple of weeks.

God bless you

Fr Matt

Tenby presbytery: 01834 842692


St Vincent de Paul Society

If anyone would like a friendly contact to talk to, especially in these times of isolation, you can reach out to two members of the SVP in Haverfordwest:

Gustavo  01834 861322

Don  01437 763711

Pembrokeshire Food Bank

The Narberth branch of the Foodbank accept food donations on a Wednesday morning (location in teh link below).  Otherwise, please consider donating financially at this important time.  Please visit the  Pembrokeshire Foodbank website to donate on-line, and don't forget to enable Gift Aid if you are eligible. 

Thank you.

CAFOD Coronavirus Appeal

Pip Large has asked for us to join in CAFOD's pandemic response in prayers and donations: "As the parish CAFOD rep I'd like to encourage support for those living in already desperate conditions and the local experts who will be trying to fight the disease with them.  It's shocking enough watching our NHS trying to cope, but the effects in refugee camps and communities in developing countries will be devastating."  

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A Prayer for our Diocese

Almighty and eternal God, give us the grace and strength to carry out the work entrusted to us in the Diocese of Menevia.  Bless our families and our parishes.  You call men and women from our families to serve you as priests, deacons and in the religious life.  May we read the signs of these vocations in others and help them to follow you.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.