14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

5 July 2020, Year A


This Week's Services

Our church is re-open, Alleluia!  Please note the guidance and pictures below.  Here is the general schedule for opening St Teilo's for private prayer only, but do check the times listed for each date:

Mon, Wed, Fri:  11am - 3pm

Tue, Thu:  2 - 6pm

Sat:   12 - 6pm

Sun:  12:30 - 6pm

Don't forget to visit our YouTube Channel for live streaming of Holy Mass. 

Saturday 4 July

11am Mass

12 - 6pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

2 - 3pm Confessions in the parish hall

Watch the Readings and Homily 'The cost of peace'

Sunday 5 July, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11am Mass

12:30 - 6pm St Teilo's open for private prayer and Adoration

Watch the Readings and Homily 'Becoming mere children'

Monday 6 July, St Maria Goretti

11am - 3pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

7pm Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'You and I'

Tuesday 7 July

2 - 6pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

7pm Mass

Watch the Readings and Homily 'Sending labourers to the harvest'

Wednesday 8 July

11am - 3pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

7pm Mass

Thursday 9 July, St Augustine Zhao Rong & companions

2 - 6pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

7pm Mass


Friday 10 July

11am - 3pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

7pm Mass

Saturday 11 July, St Benedict

11am Mass

12 - 6pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

Sunday 12 July, 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11am Mass

12:30 - 6pm St Teilo's open for private prayer

Church Re-opening Guidance

Please respect these guidelines for your health and safety, and for everyone else's, thank you!  Let's pray that we can return to public worship as soon as possible.

Feel free to come to church any time in the opening hours as long as you're not feeling unwell with any illness.  Please bring something warm as all the doors and windows are left open throughout to aid circulation of fresh air.

Please sanitise your hands on entry and help yourself to a prayer sheet.

The steward will guide you, but make your way to any pew that's not taped off, and sit in the far end of the pew (so that you're furthest from the aisle).

Feel free to stay as long as you like, although if the church is very busy just be aware there may be people queuing!

If you'd like to light a candle, please let the steward know and they will light one on your behalf.  Please don't touch any statues and keep general touching of other pews etc to a minimum.

When you're ready to leave, please ensure the aisle is free of anyone coming in or out. As you leave please sanitise your hands again and make your way out via the exit door (which is the original church entrance now in use again!).




Holy Father's prayer intention for


Watch his July video appeal


18th June 2020:

Dear friends

Father Mansel will be returning from bereavement leave to rejoin the parish from 1st September.

I have received a letter from the Diocese about proposals for a new school curriculum in Wales.  The Archbishop is encouraging everyone to access the Government consultation and make their views known (closing date July 28th 2020).  

The last paragraph of the letter states:

"Teachers, parents and the church authorities have major reservations about the proposals contained within this consultation. If approved, they would undermine the very purpose of the provision of education in a Catholic school. The timing of the consultation is also problematic. It is due to be concluded by 28 July 2020. This consultation and possible implementation is being held at a time of great confusion. The issues faces by governors and teachers in “getting pupils back to school” are surely challenging enough without the additional burdens being imposed by these proposed measures. Please access the consultation document. Please make your views known. Emphasise the reason why you choose a Catholic education for your children and the necessity for a Catholic R.E. curriculum."

God bless you

Fr Matt Roche-Saunders

Tenby presbytery: 01834 842692


St Vincent de Paul Society

If anyone would like a friendly contact to talk to, especially in these times of isolation, you can reach out to two members of the SVP in Haverfordwest:

Gustavo  01834 861322

Don  01437 763711

Pembrokeshire Food Bank

The Narberth branch of the Foodbank accept food donations on a Wednesday morning (location in teh link below).  Otherwise, please consider donating financially at this important time.  Please visit the  Pembrokeshire Foodbank website to donate on-line, and don't forget to enable Gift Aid if you are eligible. 

Thank you.

CAFOD Coronavirus Appeal

Pip Large has asked for us to join in CAFOD's pandemic response in prayers and donations: "As the parish CAFOD rep I'd like to encourage support for those living in already desperate conditions and the local experts who will be trying to fight the disease with them.  It's shocking enough watching our NHS trying to cope, but the effects in refugee camps and communities in developing countries will be devastating."  

Examination of Conscience

Here is the Examination of Conscience based on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, that Fr Matt used in the service before Pentecost.

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Single Points of Contact

Please see list of contacts.


Catholic Singles

See the poster and website

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A Prayer for our Diocese

Almighty and eternal God, give us the grace and strength to carry out the work entrusted to us in the Diocese of Menevia.  Bless our families and our parishes.  You call men and women from our families to serve you as priests, deacons and in the religious life.  May we read the signs of these vocations in others and help them to follow you.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.